• Technology development has reformed ways and means on how we perform our task and responsibility in the business environment. Border of time, space and place are brought down while people are able to do business anytime, anywhere and in any condition.
  • Since the establishment of the corporation in 1998, PT. Banyupenta Maskom Wijaya continues to expand in even faster pace. We bring forth our mission and aptitude to integrate seamless e-business in order to consummate your businesses’ needs directed toward global market competition.
  • With the competency we possessed and supported by our business partner, PT. Banyupenta Maskom Wijaya is ready to cooperate and uphold clients in Banking Equipment and in  the development of Information Technology basic structure started from and planning aspect down to the phase of implementation.
  • In the beginning of establishment in 1998 just as PT. Banyupenta Maskom Wijaya, We apprehend market needs toward obtaining Banking Equipment and total IT for Banking solution covering necessities of hardware and software.



  • In 1999 PT. Banyupenta Maskom Wijaya was advancing one step ahead to become Business Partner of  Compaq and IBM  product where we are more focused on Technology.
  • In the same year, our concentration was directed toward Industrial manufacturing sector considering market share in this particular exchange is still wide open without having other industries overlooked.
  • Furthermore, other improvement concluded in the year 2001 was that we collaborated with our business partner where PT. Banyupenta Maskom Wijaya operates as Authorized Partner for product of MICR Encoder from “MAVERICK INTERNATIONAL” USA, and in the year 2006 was become Authorized Partner of VERIFONE Product, then in the year 2007 was become Authorized Partner and Service  Provider  for  product of Bank note counting/sorting machine from Shinwoo IT Co Ltd. Also, by offering diversified solution that is not only covering the Banking Solution , government  and telecommunication sector will also eventually be our center of attention. And obviously, this concept is expected to be able to intensify company’s growth as revenue increase accordingly.